my story

Hi, it's me, Golf Gal, alias SJN, alias Sandra. Welcome to my blog. I've been in the blog-world since January 2009.This blog is an account of what's going on in my life. Things I'm doing, celebrating, creating, wanting and experiencing. You'll meet my friends and family. 
You'll read about my fight with soft tissue Sarcoma that started in April 2007, when the "fibroid" they removed turned out to be a rare cancer Hemangiopericytoma. I've had 5 years of treatment consisting of 2 abdominal surgeries, 2 VATS surgeries, radiation to my abdomen and chest, and chemo for chest lymph nodes and the nodules in my lungs. I've been in and out of the hospital and the CT scanner over 20 times, and had enough barium shakes to glow in the dark! 
Most of my days are thankfully "normal" and routine for a retired stay at home mom now grandma. I love to play with my grandboys, golf, play tennis, refinish furniture, paint, decorate and shop!