Saturday, August 28, 2010

Savannah flea finds... and finished projects

I visited my daughter this weekend in Savannah. We spent the morning browsing the local consignment shops in the Thunderbolt area and had a bit of luck at a shop called "Two Women and a Warehouse". Catchy name for a cute shop with a great selection of affordable used and refurbished furniture.
This photo is the "before" of GradGirl's living room with the TV on a handmade trunk,
and now on the aqua blue refurbished hutch bottom she fell in love with.

It makes quite a statement and gives her a bit more of much needed storage space.

And... tada! Here is my latest completed sewing project...

cafe curtains for her dining area.

It gives her more privacy with the ability to leave the blinds open for light.

They go so well with the recovered chairs too! ;-)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gal Pals know how to party!

Our GalPal summer tournament this past weekend was postponed due to the heatwave and the poor condition of the greens, and because they were completely unplayable for the month of August.
No worries though, we'll reschedule for Fall and be more comfortable playing when it's cooler anyway.
No golf... but no reason to postpone the party!
our four hostesses... Judy, Deann, Laurel and Sue
we partied inside and kept cool in the AC
and dined outside after the sun went down
so inviting, but maybe next time for the pool,
when lightening isn't threatening
thank you gifts for our hostesses...
GalPal Tervis tumblers of course!
the last to leave... yes that's me on the left. We all had a great time!
Looking forward to our Fall Tournament too, with or without the golf, it's always a good time!

Friday, August 20, 2010

odd chair in

all of the furniture pictured here is either:
a. hand-me-down
b. flea market find
c. garage sale purchase

refinished & recovered
and all blended together to create a colorful dining area in a small condo

joining in the Nester's odd chair linky party!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sew busy

This heatwave has me held up inside in the AC, ugh... the hottest summer I can remember! When is Fall coming? The kids are back in school, shouldn't it be getting cooler?!
whine, whine, whine

So... I've been inside sewing. My next big project is making curtains for my daughter's condo, but in the meantime I'm having fun learning the in's and out's of machine embroidery. My new Brother and I are still getting acquainted. I ordered the PED-Basic for my machine to be able to download designs from embroidery websites. I've downloaded a few new fonts and designs. The fabrics I embellished the burp cloths with inspired a few downloads...

Besides the "Dalmatian" idea, ( I know it's not a Dalmatian, just a dog, but I hadn't bought the PED-Basic yet) this fabric was also saying "moo" to me. As far as cows go, this one is very detailed, 5 thread changes. My machine and I did this all by our little selves! Doesn't it make you want some milk and cookies?

Okay, back to the drawing board... what else can I come up with? I'm thinking "choo choo"....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

happy flyboy

I {heart} that little boy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

a Monday sewing lesson

Kelly and Carter came over with their friends Shari and Spencer yesterday for a sewing lesson. The girls wanted to learn how to make their own baby burp cloths for these adorable bubs!
Here they are being adorable:
I gave them a quick lesson and we all dove into the project.
The bubs had a great time rolling around on the rug playing while we were busy cutting and sewing.
They even got in a little nap, and came back refreshed and ready to play some more!
I'm awake!
want to play?
With all this cuteness to look at, I forgot to take a photo of our finished products. The girls did a great job and they each went home with a new fabric trimmed and embroidery decorated cloth.

A fun day for me to be around these adorable smilin' bubs!

Come back to play anytime!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

dog days of summer

We're pet sitting this weekend...

Greyson the MinPinChihuahua

my inspiration for a dog themed baby burp cloth

crazy... I know, that's what this summer heatwave will do to you. But... the fabric was saying "Dalmatian" to me, and babies love black and white... and babies love puppies too, right?!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


not identical, but similar traits...

At long last... I am finished with another chair from the dining chair rehab project for my daughter, hooray! I decided since we had 2 colors already, the white and coral, why not add a third... aqua. All three are upholstered in the same fabric to tie them together as a set. Yes, there will be a 4th but I don't have that chair to work on as yet. It's at GradGirl's condo and I plan to paint it when I visit her later this month. What color should it be... white? yellow???
If you missed the before of these chairs look here, it was quite the demo project.

So... on this one I used spray paint. Krylon had the perfect color aqua to match the fabric, they call it Jade Satin. It was easier going on than brushing and dried so quickly between coats, only 1 hour! I did 4 coats in no time at all.

And there you have it! This has been a fun fabric to work with... so many color options for paint!

all in a days work!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

summer sewing projects

It's been sooo very hot here in Hotlanta, except for playing golf in the early morning 2 days a week, I'm spending all my time indoors. So besides rehab-ing chairs, I've been doing a bit of sewing. I needed some baby gifts and decided to embellish a much used baby item... burp cloths! I also made a matching bag to use as wrapping for the burp cloth gift.
I started with colorful fabric:

and a package of cloth diapers:

I cut 5" wide strips of the fabric and sewed it to the diaper at both ends:

I sewed the corners and turned them right-side out enclosing the end of the diaper, turned under the long raw edge, and zigzag stitched the edge closed.

Voila! Two burp cloths in a coordinating gift bag...

... ready for the new baby!

So... of course I had to make some for my sweet grandson and...

... I decided to embellish them a bit using my Brother Embroidery machine.

Very Preppy, don't you think?!

For this sweet boy here...

who lights up my life {heart}

xoxox, love Hattie