Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I (heart) faces contest

I traveled over to this photography blog above on the recommendation of another blogger and they are having a contest on "cutest pouty faced kids" and knew right away the photo I would submit...
little 3 year old Kelly sitting on a bench lookin' real happy!

customizable fun!

check out Custom Ink.com for all kinds of fun customizable items like...
koozies, umbrellas, totes, hats, visors, tee shirts and more...

be creative and make a koozie for your next big party or family reunion, a tee shirt for your sports team, a tote for your sorority sisters, or an umbrella for your Gal Pals!

There are minimum orders though, so check out the minimum quantity of an item. Their service includes:
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Monday, March 30, 2009

our legal system at work...

I'm at the Fulton County Courthouse today, hanging out, waiting to be called or not for jury duty. It's a bit of an inconvenience for those of us from the northern suburbs as the courthouse is down town, in the city of Atlanta, but it is "my civic duty". So far, it's been 3 hours of waiting... they've called several groups, actually about 140 people have been called, but not moi. I'm missing my tennis make-up match today for this, my civic duty, hence the bad attitude. I've already finished the book I brought with me, so it's down to the computer to stay entertained. Thankfully all of you out there in the blog world are so very entertaining!

We had another rainy weekend here in Atl, so I did a few projects... like sewing a costume for Kelly to wear to a Moulin Rouge party this upcoming weekend (check her blog for pics of that on Saturday), and making these stamped cards at my friends house. She has everything you'd ever need to stamp and create a card. I could have played for hours. Here are the 2 cards I had time to make... a thank you card w/ chicks for Easter and a golf themed card, my fave, of course!
still waiting at jury duty... is the paint dry yet, did the pot boil?

update... it's 2:15 and there are only ~30 of us left that haven't been called, me included... waiting....

okay... it's now 3:40 and they just took attendance to make sure we're still here, the rest of us that did not get called that is. But the good news is... we've done our duty, time to go home!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

oh, what an evening...

The sun was setting in Orlando as Tiger Woods was playing the 18th hole at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hills. You could feel the tension that Tiger, Sean and Zach must have experienced as they were hitting their last iron shot over the water to the 18th green. Tiger and Sean were tied at that point and all three players landed their shots on the green, but... Tiger was the only one to make the putt.
That was all he needed to come in the winner, his 6th win at Bay Hills and his 66th career win! He's baaaaack!
note the sixes, must be his new lucky number!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

not your typical fluff post...

We are all touched by cancer in some way... and if not yet, chances are someday you will be.
You can participate to help raise money for the American Cancer Society with a minimal donation of $5 to $10 for the song or soundtrack "All are our Heroes". Click above to hear the story or click below to either download or purchase the CD.
Make this man's effort worth it and buy the song!
Get it out there to your friends and let's bust the bar way over the $1 million mark!
Add the button to your blog and link it to www.allareourheroes.com . Leave a comment and I'll enter you double in my upcoming contest.
Thank you, someday we will find a cure!

"ATLANTA -- A metro Atlanta man is trying to raise $1 million for the American Cancer Society with a song that's dedicated to cancer survivors. The song is available to download with a donation at www.allareourheroes.com.

It was written by David Greer, publisher of Gwinnett Magazine. "We always cover the Relay for Life," Greer said. He appeared on 11 Alive News Saturday Today. "This year, I wanted to take it to another level." Greer caught the attention of Shawn Mullins, a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter from Atlanta, who agreed to produce the song. "Shawn Mullins stepped up," Greer said. "He's had some experience with cancer, like the rest of us, and he stepped up with his band and did an awesome job."

Greer appeared on 11 Alive News Saturday Today.

"One night sitting down in a quiet time, a song came, and I wrote it down," Greer said. "I hear stories every day from cancer survivors about how the song touches them." Greer took the song to a young talent, Rachel Farley, who's only 13 years old. She wrote the music, helped with the lyrics and performed song. He also had the help of some young cancer survivors, who gathered in the studio to help sing the chorus. David's website also includes a video with testimonials from survivors."

story by Jennifer Leslie

keep it honest

Golf Rules Made Easy!

- Golf Digest calls it "the best effort yet to decipher the ... Rules of Golf." - Rated 9.0 points out of 10 by PGA Tour Partners Magazine Members.

Every golfer knows the problem—on the course you run into a rules situation that leaves you and your playing companions unsure how to proceed. You only have a few minutes, if not seconds, to find the correct solution. Well, help has arrived. The completely revised, pocket-sized “Golf Rules Quick Reference 2008-2011” provides instant help for golf etiquette in clearing up hazy situations involving the often-confusing Rules of Golf.

The handy, plastic-coated flip guide answers every golf rules question at a glance, as each rules situation is illustrated!

The author has entirely revised and updated “Golf Rules Quick Reference” to include illustrated golf rules that took effect on Jan. 1, 2008.

--Conforms to the new 2008-2011 Rules of Golf --48 pages (the original edition had 40) 4"X6" --More than 170 illustrations (previously 36). Every scenario in the book is illustrated for golf rules at a glance. --Includes the golf rules for golf for both stroke and match play. Great for golf newcomers and golf tips!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I love shoes!

The Sandbaggers Story

Sandbaggers have been steadily produced since 1987. The company was founded by Joan Villani, an avid golfer. Not long before Sandbaggers was born, Joan developed her craving for cooler and more comfortable golf footwear. Relying on Maine's deep history for producing handmade boots, shoes and sandals, Joan put her ingenuity to test and created the first golf sandal design, the Kiltie. Nearly two decades have passed and to this day, Sandbaggers still operates by Joan's commitment to producing high-quality, stylish and comfortable golf footwear.

*Note on sizing: Sandbaggers golf shoes run generous from your normal street shoe size. If you plan on wearing a very thin sock or no sock at all as many of our customers do you should order one half size smaller for closed toe shoe orders. If you have a particularly wide foot start with your normal street shoe size. Also, remember that depending upon the time of day and amount of walking/standing you've been doing your foot may be larger or smaller than normal. It's a good idea to try the shoes on in the evening and morning hours and to walk indoors on a clean, soft surface to make sure they are a comfortable fit - especially before walking 18 holes.

Largest selection of women's golf shoes and sandals by Sandbaggers brought to you by

Thursday, March 26, 2009

calling all lady golfers and tennis players...

On Thursday, April 16 each of our 70+ participating Golfsmith locations nationwide will be tailoring this event to make it unique for their women guests.

Here are a few things you can expect to do:

  • Test the latest clubs at our indoor hitting bays
  • Network among fellow female athletes and hobbyists
  • Where available, attend a GolfTEC Improvement Centers clinic addressing women's most common golf swing problems

These are prizes and giveaways you can register to win:

Doors will be open exclusively for women from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. We hope to meet you there!
see more details and register at www.golfsmith.com/womensnight
and get the $20 off your purchase of $100 coupon code

okay, it seems a little more geared towards golfers than tennis players, but check it out, especially if you play both!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the six pack

Okay, I admit it, I have a silly side, thanks to my dad. I also have figured out that certain color golf balls are easier to see than white under different weather conditions, like when it's a certain time of day and sunny and the glare makes every leaf look like a ball. I once had a colorful "Mr. Peanut" ball I used for a very long time until we tragically parted ways, so sad.
I recently found a "Sponge Bob" ball while searching for a stray tee shot and thought "how fun". I've always loved a cute "logo" ball... it didn't take too long for Bob and I to become friends. I used it as a goof at first but then I realized it was easier to see the bright yellow color. I've also come to like the idea of having a name for my ball, so I can cheer it on or ask it " Bob why would you want to go over there, stay out of the sand" or "Bob, no, come on stay right, not the tree!", or "yes! way to get in the hole Bob!" So one day when shopping at Target in the sporting goods section, I decided to buy a six pack of my own. I have lost a couple of the Bob's along the way, in the woods or the water, but I still have quadruplets, yes, all named Bob. I don't use them all the time... I have conventional white Noodles and Precepts, but... when the glare and the mood is just right, I bring out the Bobs.
What's your favorite color ball, or are you a conventional white ball only player?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vegas, baby!

The perfect timing... a business trip to Las Vegas for Drew on the same week as spring break for Alex. We had so much fun, the highlight being Jersey Boys at the Palazzo. What a great show!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

"is it the Indian or the arrows?"

... that's what I was asked when I returned the 1st set of irons my husband bought me at the PGA Tour Superstore, last Christmas. They just didn't do anything more for my game than my 25 year old clubs, and since they have a 30 day playability guarantee, why not . So I tried a few different brands in the cages there, and decided on the Callaways, and have been happy ever since.

"The new Women’s FT Irons are the evolution of Fusion Technology, delivering the utmost in performance and playability in Callaway Golf irons for mid to low handicap players who demand the latest innovation with proven results.

New head shape
Designed to appeal to accomplished players, the thinner topline, higher toe and slightly less offset produce a more traditional look. Extreme Notch Weighting has been added to increase stability.

Tunite Cradle
The high density, proprietary alloy allows Callaway Golf engineers to move an astounding 80 percent of the clubhead’s total weight to the extreme perimeter, creating a higher moment of inertia (MOI) for outstanding forgiveness.

Lightweight Hot Titanium Face
Produces fast ball speeds and allows more weight to be moved to the perimeter for better forgiveness and an increased effective hitting area.

TPU SenSert
A cavity-back insert composed of a chemically engineered thermoplastic urethane that decreases vibration, creating an incredibly solid feel.

Modified Tru-Bore Design
An advanced version of the original Tru-Bore Design, the polycarbonate tip plug at the end of the shaft dampens vibration for enhanced feel and performance."

PS... My answer to the salesman when asked "is it the Indian or the arrows", I responded... "this Indian has it in her head that the arrows aren't right for her, so does it really matter." Golf is very much a head game btw!

Friday, March 20, 2009

a gal's gotta look good

Spring has sprung, Happy March 20th! Be prepared for the spring 2009 golf season
with a new colorful golf glove by Glove it!

like shoes... you can never have too many!

and while you're at Glove it! get a matching hat, visor, tee bag or towel.
A golf gal can never be too coordinated, and looking good helps your game, right?!

you can find the Glove it! golf line at EastCoastGolfSales.com
all at a discount too,
older styles are a big savings!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

stylish headwear for any gal


Perfect for the stylin' Golf Gal on and off the course.

A gal's gotta look good!

Sale on headbands at Keeks and Brie (ends 3/31)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fab Award goes to...

I'd like to pass on an award to a very deserving blogger...
Pink Martini

of "Pink Martinis and Pearls".
A California girl, pending empty nester with a wonderful family, who has great fashion sense, makes the most delicious looking cupcakes, and writes fun uplifting posts that are a must read (with musical accompaniment too)!
So... Pink Martini, I'd like to give you the...
Fabulous at 50 Blogger Award
Thanks for your delightful insight and your witty way of telling tales, giving us a glimpse into our own memories!

positive press

I feel so honored! The Golf Girl of Golf Girl's Diary likes my blog! :-) here's her recent post:

Golf Girl's Monday Meanderings

The amazing wave of new golf blogs continues. So much so that the reconstruction of my lost link list, is still not done. My goal (I assure you) is to have it up by week's end.

In the meantime however, there's one new golf blog that's so cute and so light-hearted I just had to give it a quick shout out. It's called Tales of a Golf Gal, and it's a slice-of-life chronicle by a preppy southerner, a recreational golfer who, I gather, is a wedding planner by trade.
The short pictorial posts are quick and easy to read. They're personal tales...you'll find no rehashing of televised tournaments, or analysis of the latest Nike driver here. I love the design too, with it's textured pages and argyle background, it's a refreshing break from the sterile templates that tend to dominate the golf blog world. It definitely made me want to redesign (or just design) this blog.
For a spirited start to your golf blog reading this week check out Tales of a Golf Gal.

Oh my, I'm blushing... thanks Patricia!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

which kilt are you?

have yours made in Irish National tartan and
have a happy and stylin' St. Patrick's day!
from Golf O'Gal