Thursday, July 30, 2009

testing... testing

Not what I'd call...

...but necessary just the same. I've spent more than a few hours this week at the doctors... I got a mammogram, bone density test, colonoscopy, all results are fine, and a CT of the chest (follow up scan). Today I went to my Oncologist to find out the results of yesterday's scan. Looks like those lung nodules are still there, and have increased in size slightly from 2-3 mm to 4-5 mm in size. May mean nothing but may mean "early metastatic disease" to quote the radiology report, so I'll go again in 3 months for another scan work up, chest to pelvis. Dr. Z says not to worry, the nodules could be past scar tissue from prior illness, and we'll just follow up and keep an eye on things. I feel good so I'm just going to forget about it for the next ~3 months with the usual scanxiety the week before.

Later today I see the Dermatologist to get zapped with the frozen stuff and get a mole removed, what fun!

I planned it all for the same week as to enjoy the rest of the summer. It's been a bit rainy here this week in Atlanta anyway, so I haven't missed much. Next week I'll be back to golf and tennis and having summer fun!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

stripping wallpaper... help!

I've done this before and it's never easy. My method: pull down on a loose edge, but there aren't many. For the paper that won't pull off, most of it, scroll over with the roly-cutter then wet the paper with a wet sponge and scrape with a spackle blade. We have our work cut out for us for sure!

What method have you done that actually works?
Please let me know if you have a secret to doing this that's not so labor intensive. But even with all the work, it will be worth it in the end, right?!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pottery Barn it is!

It takes me awhile to make a decorating decision. Not because I'm indecisive, but I like to see all my options before I spend the bucks. So, while procrastinating... Pottery Barn came out with a duvet cover in the perfect colors for Grad Girls bedroom. Catalog or online only... I ordered it and it came in this week. It's great! A mix of all the colors we love and wanted to use in there with a slight touch of grays in the pattern (heads up... I've heard that's the new big color for 2010). From my last shopping spree, we had decided to keep the Matlesse' coverlet and shams because the color was the best for all the accessories she has. They were such a good price on sale, we'll keep them and mix it all up. A girl's gotta have options!

The two blend perfectly together! See for yourself...

photo from the PB website

shown here with a few of her accessories

Look at the way the print mimics the glass mosaic of the lamp

Now... on to painting the walls a pale seafoam shade. The color will look great with her sand color carpet. I'll keep you posted with the "after" photos when we're done!

Lovin' color and design!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Golf gifts from Etsy

A Golf Gal needs a variety of gifts at hand for any and all impromptu celebrations with her Gal Pals. It may be a special birthday or a gift exchange or breaking a Personal Best score or just a friendly "thinking of you" gift.
I perused the talented artists of Etsy for some delightful gifts that any Golf Gal would love to give or receive! Take a look...

fabric tote by BloominIrisDesigns
for all you pink and preppy golfers

golf club earrings by FlutterByJewelryShop
I want these for Wednesday golf!

set of 10 hand painted tees by JudyCootie
add a little pizazz to your game!

golf cart charm necklace by BlissStreetJewelry
just plain cute!

cosmetic bag by pinkdivagolf
great as a cart bag

hand knit club covers by Knitbyanita
my mom made me a set , love them!
personalized club labels by LittlebeaneBoutique
I need these to ID my own clubs

Take a visit over to Etsy and
support homemade!

happy shopping

Thursday, July 23, 2009

feelin' special

I received a gift from our BFF's this past weekend. It was a special thank-you from their family for my help in finding their son & wife a new home and their daughter a wedding venue.

I was surprised and touched... and newly introduced to the world of Pandora bracelets and charms, as my gift was a bracelet with the package charm above. Because they said... "I was a gift to them"... awhh so sweet.
I love my new bracelet! I've since been online and to my local store to check out all the little intricate beads they offer to add to your customizable bracelet.
What fun!

I have to admit my little gift package was a bit lonely so...
I had to add a few more myself.
I got the wine basket charm for my love of vino, the angel because I always need someone watching over me, and the queen bee (I couldn't resist) because I'm Queen Bee over at my Bridal Buzz blog.

I'll be wearing it a lot, especially since I can't open the clasp.
But... that's fine with me, I love it!
Thanks again Harvey Family!

do you have a Pandora? Tell me about it

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

too cute golf skorts!

Golf fashion is tres' expensive and I hardly ever pay full price for anything.
I'm lucky to live nearby the PGA Tour Superstore so I don't have to!

But I came across these skorts by PAHR and fell in love with the cute feminine ruffle detail on the hem.
I love the plaid one!
short yes, but don't worry it's a skort

and this striped one too!
so cute with a white sleeveless T

and as always... a Golf Gal needs basic black!

a gal's gotta look good!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I {heart} shabby chic

Taking something old and bringing new life to it is a fabulous way to save money on decorating. Whoever coined the phrase "shabby chic"... thank you, thank you, thank you! You've made it "in" to add "used" to our home decor.
One of my fave pastimes when I have free time is flea market shopping! I love to see what others have "breathed into" an old piece of furniture.
Here are a few of my finds...
I needed a book cabinet for a certain space at our lake house and found this old pie safe painted green. I painted it white and then sanded the edges to let the green show through a bit.

iron pieces I found, all with a touch of rust for character!

all flea market finds for a bedroom wall grouping

this hand painted chest was quite a find, by an artist named "Kemp" in 2000
I didn't have to do anything to it except fill it with board games!

Here are a few recent pieces I've found, but didn't buy,
no place to put them, but I love their look!
I've seen them paint light fixtures on all the home shows, just rough up with sandpaper and spray paint, voila!

I do want to add a stencil like this to something I already have
or maybe paint it as a wall treatment.
I love these colors
Are you a shabby chic kinda gal?

just shabby ol' me!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Birthday Fairy strikes again!

Gal Pal golf today and another birthday to celebrate! We had all decided to only do a big deal celebration 1 time for each pal, but the Birthday Fairy couldn't resist...
"You know… I really thought I’d had it made after finishing the 14th hole, and then…

Out of the blue, screeching down the cart path comes that damned Birthday Fairy, throwing clubs, hauling a target bag off the back and shoving a specially made birthday cup, with 2 inches of vodka, foil wrapped celery & a bottle of tomato juice at me. Not only did it screw up my game from that point on, but I loved every single minute of it." -GT

do you think the B'day Gal enjoyed herself?

Job well done Birthday Fairy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

look what I found!

Remember the great house I found for my young couple ~ 2 weeks ago? Well... today was move in day! I helped unpack, and look what arrived safe and sound from Colorado...

Baby Grace!
She told me she loves her new home in Atlanta,
especially because now she's closer to both her grandmas!

Congratulations R&B, welcome home!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday golf

Our course has been under renovation for several long months now. We needed to update the 19 year old irrigation system and unfortunately cut down a few dozen trees whose roots were a nuisance to the grass. Finally, one side is finished! I can play once again without the dust and dirt blowing up in my face, and actually enjoy the round without distractions.
Today we played with an old tennis gal pal of mine and her husband. No great scoring on my part, but fun just the same. According to my husband though, my drives and fairway shots are the longest he's seen me play.
Hooray, my game is slowly coming together!

par 3 # 11

par 4 # 13 (after the creek)

hopefully someday, I can put together my long game with my short game and feel like a real golfer!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

talking about stuff...

Well, it turns out I'm not the only one with too much stuff. People move and find they can't or don't want to use something again, or just want a change. "Downsizers" need to get rid of stuff, and generally have some pretty nice things to get rid of. An opportunity for all you newlyweds and first time homebuyers!
The other day I stopped at the "Queen of Hearts" Antiques and Interiors here in Atlanta. It's what I call a "junk" store where vendors have a booth and sell their wares. Some of it's antiques and some of it's just knick-knaks or old furniture they don't want anymore. You have to weed by a lot of junk, but there are always great finds and interesting pieces too. It's a great way to get ideas and find some character pieces to decorate with and cheaper than buying new.

I love this idea:

it's a bread tray, but great as a centerpiece for your table or on your mantle

shabby chic dining table and 6 chairs for $450, wow
so easy to redo the chair cushions!

a good looking bisquit jar by Raymond Waites for $24

my fave find... I'd love this chest for my own bedroom

repainted & reupholstered useful side chair to fill an empty space find an old chair and DIY

cute mirror and pictures for the nursery

I'd paint the picture frames pink too for a little girls room

and... what Flintstones lover's kitchen should be without this cookie jar!

you'll find a lot of fun and quirky stuff like that

happy hunting & decorating!