Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm addicted to Home Goods

 Yesterday's find... this Drexel Hertitage chest from their Shelter and Shore Collection in antique white. Once I opened the drawer and saw the name plaque on the inside I knew I had to have it. It's good quality finished real wood furniture at a steal of a price!
I put it in my Keeping Room. I love it and I loooove HG!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 days at the Ritz followed by 2 nights in the hospital

It's never dull around my house. I like to be always doing something, but somethings you just don't plan for. We got home from the Ritz at Lake Oconee on Thursday evening. Friday I had made plans but had to cancel them when I started suffering from intense stomach pain. I ended up throwing up and feeling better, but then that only added to my "acid esophagus" I still have from the chest radiation. Saturday I went shopping with Alex for a bit, but never quite felt like eating anything, so by dinnertime I was hungry. I made chicken and dumplings and it was sooo good. Sunday morning  we had pancakes, no coffee though, and by mid morning I was in pain again. Bad #10 pain. It lasted all day with no reprieve, so by the evening I emailed my Oncologist to ask what to do. The chemo drug I had taken for the past month can cause severe stomach pain so I thought it could be a side effect. He said to be safe and head to the hospital for a scan. So off we went... checked in, drank the contrast, had a CT scan, got the results: partial small bowel obstruction from adhesion's. Adhesion's is a side effect of the abdominal radiation I had in August to September. They had already started me on IV fluids and now wanted to admit me to stay on the IV and see if that would relieve the blockage without having to do surgery. I stayed there, on IV fluids for ~ 36 hours, adding a liquid only diet the 2nd day. I wasn't in pain anymore and it seemed to be working. Thank goodness! I did not want to go through another abdominal surgery! I'm being a good patient and eating only soft foods and liquids for this whole next week. I want to make sure it doesn't happen again. Cancer has so many negative effects on your body, little by little the treatments wear you down. I'm still feeling the effects of my recent chest radiation and have heartburn daily. I'm just not feeling good right now. But I will! I need to build myself back up! Protein drinks are my new best friend. Working my way back to health.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

two winter days at the Ritz Lake Oconee

We arrived home from Florida on Monday, and on Tuesday afternoon I was on my way to the Ritz Carlton Lake Oconee with Drew for a business trip. I was tagging along for a little R&R. The weather was mild and a little rainy, but still couldn't take away from the beauty of this place.

the cozy fireplace on a winter's night
We had dinner the first night in the dining room and were the only ones there. Our own very private dining room! The food was scrumptious. I had Sole with fingerling potatoes and peaches, and it was perfect!

The next morning started out rainy, so after my room service breakfast of blueberry pancakes, yummmmy! I decided to take the car out and see the area. I hadn't been out to the lake in a long tome. The few shops that are still in business were having some great sales, I got a cute top for 50% off and 2 pairs of designer shoes for 75% off! 

Drew and I hit a local restaurant for dinner that night, The Silver Moon. When we're out at the lake we tend to stay home and cook since it's a long drive to any restaurant. The place we frequent the most is Gaby's at the Ritz because we can go by boat. When we got back from the SM, we walked the grounds and roasted a few marshmallows by the fire outside. They have everything right there to make s'mores. 

The next morning was a beautiful day so after breakfast, I walked around and took some pics.
Chiminea dinner for two, 3 course meal only $125 pp!

The view from our room
It was a great two day break for a bit of rest and reading, and eating their delicious food. I'm so glad I tagged along!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a busy first two weeks in January

The day after Christmas, we all bundled up for a walk to the tennis courts to watch the guys play. There were 4 dogs on our walk, they enjoyed getting out of the house too!
Nathan was the only adventurous one to ride in the wagon. He seems to be a bit more of a "daredevil" than Carter, who refused to ride. Nathan likes to swing too as Carter does not!
The spectators

All of our company left the next day so Drew and I relaxed for the next few days 
until New Years Eve. In truth, we crashed after a very demanding Christmas holiday! 
We managed to get up some energy and had a night out on the town at the Club to ring in 2012!

Then it was on to Winter Park Florida with the entire family for Nathan's Christening. We were there from January 6 until the 9th with beautiful 70 degree plus weather!
Nathan also tuned 8 months old that weekend

Lunching out in Winter Park

The handmade Christening outfit I made for Nathan. It was white pique with button trim and buttons down the back and fit him perfectly!

Ready for Church!

"you want me to have water put on my head and parade around the church?!"
Nathan did wonderfully and was a little charmer.
God Bless you Nathan!
the blessed Morgan family
Kelly and Lincoln are Nathan's Godparents

the Hamilton, Morgan and Nathan families

the Hamiltons

our beautiful girls! We are so proud of all three of them!
and that's been our very busy first 2 weeks of January,
the next just as busy week to follow...