Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear Mother Nature...

Please be an angel and keep my plants watered until I get back to them.
With all the scattered storms we've been having I hope you'll be able to answer my request.
I'd love for my Petunias to be this healthy when we get back to the Lake for the Fourth,
and my ever hearty Begonias too!
I've got the red, white and blue all ready
to decorate for the July 4th weekend.
See you in 2 weeks Lake house for some more family fun!


  1. Your place is so lovely & serene, but I know what it's like to hope everything will survive your absence. When we were still running the lake house I was always praying that Mother Nature would take pity on us & rain while we were gone... It's always a coin toss, isn't it?


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