Saturday, April 9, 2011

third time's a charm?

Redecorating has it's ups and downs sometimes... I just wasn't crazy about the stripe I used for this valence at the Lake House. After shopping til' I dropped, I had settled for the right colors in this stripe when what I really wanted was a geometric pattern. So... last week when coming across a geometric fabric in the right green that I did like, I bought it. This weekend, I actually cut the tabs off the curtain and changed out the stripe for the geo. I like it so much better!
And... I'm almost ashamed to say, we re-painted (for the 3rd time, yikes) the great room at the lake. The Calabash was a bit too limey for me afterall. So to sum it up, I went from Behr Dried Palm (too neon) to Martha Stewart Calabash (too limey) to Sherwin Williams Hearts of Palm (just right) I feel like the 3 bears. At least we only did 1 coat of each color! Who knew green could be so tough?! I wanted a change from the yellow it had been for 10 years and green seemed the next best choice to go with my furniture. Having finished late in the day, the jury is still out on the "love it" factor, but yes, that's it, the final green SW "Hearts of Palm", it is what it is. 
 It's hard to tell from the photos with the light changing, some of the pics makes it look too yellowish, but it really does go well with the fabrics in the room. I love all the fabrics! It's a warm cozy green and it brings the outdoors in... 
well... okay, I guess I do love it!


  1. That green is perfect! And it will look different at various times of day and during various seasons because you have all that glorious light! And, yes, the new valance is perfect also! Love it all. xoxo

  2. Thanks for the visit ~ great to hear from you :)

    I love these color combinations!!

  3. I love those armchairs--love all the fabrics. Nice job!

  4. Becky- they rock, and I do mean in every sense! Everyone who sits in those chairs loves them! It's a fight to see who gets them first!

  5. I love the grouping of fabrics. So homey.

  6. I just love the color. So bright and cheerful. You did a great usual! Have a great weekend.


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