Thursday, December 29, 2011

'twas the night before Christmas 2011

 my favorite photos from this Christmas Eve's celebration...
 playing with "Bobis" the train

 Nathan's first Christmas!

Carter and Nathan all dressed up in their Christmas best!

Cooking the traditional Christmas Eve Shrimp and Pesto pasta

posing for family pics

playing and reading before bed

lights and bows

and gifts as tall as you can reach!

It was so wonderful to all be together! We went to 5:00 Church services at JCUMC. As I looked down the row, I felt such pride for my beautiful family. The boys were so well behaved in Church, Carter even took a little nap. We came home and cooked a delicious meal and exchanged a few gifts before heading off to bed. Next post... Christmas day!


  1. How fabulous that you get them home for Christmas Eve ANNNNNND Day!! These photos are just filled with love and happiness! XOXO {Preppy 101}

  2. @ Preppy 101: Isn't it great! Shhhh... don't tell the in-laws!


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