Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Radiation is done, on to chemo

So I met with the Sarcoma Surgeon last week. He said he could operate on the tumor in my abdomen but because it abuts my right kidney he'd have to take that out too. He recommended against the surgery since I would need my kidney to fight off the toxicity of chemo.
I met with my Oncologist the next day. I am approved to start the drug Afinitor (Everolimus). There is currently a clinical trial at Emory University using Afinitor plus a second new drug under research. I will find out on May 20 if I can start the trail. The thought being two drugs have a better chance than one. If I can't get into the trail  in a timely manner, I'll start the Afinitor on my own next week.
Thursday I go for my 3 month CT scan. Let's see what's going on in my abdomen and how much larger that tumor has grown off chemo.

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  1. Lots of prayers your way! You are so strong. Stay positive :) I love you!!


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