Thursday, March 31, 2011

ready to sew, my closet is complete

Rainy weather calls for indoor projects, and I have plenty of them! I caulked and painted the desk we made for my sewing closet, and then put all my stuff away. Here's the space...
Yes, I have 2 sewing machines, the one on the desk top is my Brother embroidery sewing machine. I love it!
 There's storage for my patterns, and all the little "stuff" that comes with a sewing machine. 
 This side is for trims, elastic, velcro, etc... and a couple empty bins for what comes along.
I added cork board (from Hobby Lobby) to the back wall to pin my patterns to. The seam where the two boards meet was staring back at me, so I decided to trim it out. Looking for a piece of trim, I found a yardstick so I chopped that to fit. Pretty and useful!
  Here's the fabrics from my current project... the bumpers and another minky sheet.
All organized and ready to go! I love organization... don't you?!


  1. it's awesome! i wish we had the space for a craft room but even a craft closet like that would be amazing. nice job! now, we'll see how neat and tidy it stays when you're actually doing a project. ;-)

  2. You did such a terrific job with this little space.

  3. Fabulous job!! It looks great. You will love working there. xoxo

  4. Wow your space is fantastic! I love organization too I just don't like doing the organizing! hehe!!! Stopping by from The Girl Creative, come say hi sometime.

  5. I have total organization envy! Beautiful!


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