Sunday, March 27, 2011

sewing room in a closet!

 I don't have a designated craft or sewing room. I usually set-up on the dining room table, but that's not the greatest for keeping the house neat and clean, especially since it's the first room off the front door.
Since my youngest daughter now lives in her own condo, I decided to turn her closet into my new sewing space. 
I love the idea of leaving the machine set up and just closing the door on the mess. 

 Here's the empty closet with a new light installed above the doors
 We had these cubes from something else (?) that were the perfect height.  
We decided to use them as end supports. We added a board across the back, 
one on each side and one across the front of the doors to support the table top. 

Here it is, all level and perfect!
 I still need to trim out the top with some 1/4 round and paint it all with semi-gloss white...
but, the sewing machine fits!
And here's the best part... the doors close on any mess I leave behind for the day... hooray! 
The other best part... my dining room is perfectly neat and clean.

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  1. That is wonderful. Cannot wait to see it with all our sewing supplies ;-). I have a room that I use for crafts, etc., but I may turn it into another bedroom since the family is growing ;-), so I'll be losing that space. But that's alright with me!! xoxo

  2. This is a fabulous idea! Love it!

  3. What a fantstic idea!! I always feel like I am leaving sewing projects out and making a mess. Now, if I just had a spare closet, I would be golden!

  4. We are moving to a new house and I will no longer have a craft room, I'm so going to do this, thanks for the great idea!

  5. Brilliant! I love this idea; now if I could just sew a bit better...

  6. An awesome idea! So now you are ready to sew, right? I think you'd like checking out all the great inspirational projects, patterns and tutorials over at!


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