Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm home after 2 weeks with the new grandbaby

It was such a special visit! I'm so glad I could be there to help my daughter settle in from her C-section delivery. She is doing great! It's heartwarming to see her with her new son. I loved being there for the first 2 weeks of his life, and I'm grateful to be able to experience it all with her and her husband. 
Of course I have to share a few more photos with you... isn't he the cutest thing?!
the proud parents
my beautiful oldest daughter
it looks like we found him on this park bench, doesn't it?
so sweet


  1. Congratulations and what a truly beautiful baby boy! I know how much it meant for you to be there with your daughter, and I am sure it meant just as much if not more to her to have your wonderful presence there as she adjusted to having the new baby at home post-surgery. What a special time for you all! Yay for newborns!! xoxo

  2. Omigosh! He's absolutely precious & you are so blessed to have such perfect grandsons. You certainly deserve it!


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