Thursday, May 19, 2011

our attempt at professional photography...

...with a newborn as the subject. My new grandbaby is so sweet, both sleeping and awake. My daughter is deciding whether to hire a professional photographer to capture this special time. She and I both have good cameras and a 50mm lens, so yesterday we tried our own "professional" shoot. He's 10 days old, here are the results:

We had him naked for these photos. We switched to the brown blanket for a few shots to change it up a bit . It was just in time for him to pee on it. The photo shoot ended with bath time for Baby and a bit of laundry! 


  1. Oh, my gosh! How very precious is that?! I think y'all did a great job and can't imagine what a professional could do any better! It is funny; my daughter, who is due June 11, is trying to figure out what "props" she wants to pack in her hospital bag for photos since she didn't care for any we made at our first grandbaby arrival almost two years ago. LOL! There is nothing like this most special time. I am glad you are enjoying it, peed on blankets and all! blessings ~ tanna

  2. Came back to ask if your mom would mind letting me know what yarn and pattern she used for that beautiful blanket??? Thank you!


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