Monday, August 15, 2011

93rd PGA Championship in my home town!

The Atlanta Athletic Club borders my neighborhood on our "Nature Trail" path and is ~ 1.8 miles away by car. We had our choice of days to go, but we were very lucky to get corporate tickets to go to the tournament on Thursday. We had "Presidents Club" passes that got us free parking across the street, entrance into the Clubhouse to mingle among the players, and admittance to the Pro Shop for free buffet lunch and open bar. Not to mention the best perks of all Air Conditioning and the Clubhouse rest rooms! 
We got there ~ 8:15 am and walked the course a bit, and then settled in for awhile on the Par 3 4th hole where there were grandstands in the shade. It was actually nice in the shade with a welcome breeze, despite the 90 degree temps. After a few threesomes played through, Keegan Bradley hit his drive only to land in the sand bunker next to the green. It was what you call a "fried egg" and a tough lie. I was a bit surprised though when he choose to hit the ball out backwards toward the fairway and away from the green. The lie and the water on the other side must have been quite intimidating! Who knew on that first day of play that he would end up to be the tournament Champion
We headed out to the Lakehouse later that afternoon and watched the rest of the 3 days of coverage on television. We had an enjoyable weekend with Alex and her pup Greyson, eating, boating, swimming and watching golf.
Watching the golf tournament renewed my desire to play! I am 8 weeks post surgery today and starting radiation on Wednesday. I signed up to play GalPal golf this Wednesday morning and Friday too! I haven't played since June 4th. My plan is to try the driving range tomorrow morning to see how I feel swinging a club. I figured if I could walk 5 miles at the tournament I was ready to give it a try! Gotta get as much in before any possible symptoms from the radiation kick in.
Oh... and here are the new shoes I bought back in the Spring that I haven't worn yet. 
I may just have to break those babies in!

Golf course... here I come!


  1. Hope you can knock the heck out of that golf ball! What a fabulous final day of golf that was. Wow! xoxo

  2. We went to that tournament a few years ago. I have not played in years. Have fun and cute shoes.

  3. I golfed with the Pals on Wednesday. Nothing hurt, and I felt great! It was so much fun, especially with Babs and Donna. I scored high, a 53, my fairway shots didn't go as far as they used to. My arm muscles were weak, but I'll work on that, overall I was very pleased with my game.


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