Monday, September 5, 2011

what's been going on...

After the first 2 days of radiation, I flew to Orlando for the weekend to visit K&R and little Nathan. I've been able to see him every month so far and wanted to go if even for just a short visit. I got to see the house they'll be moving to, eat out at some great restaurants, and play with Nathan for 2 days. 
A quick visit because I had to be back on Monday for treatment. 
Fall tennis has started up again and I played for the first time since my surgery in June. It all came back to me and I felt great but it was only 1 hour of practice, we'll see how my stamina is in a match!
I've also played golf with the Gal Pals 3 times and once with Drew. It was so much fun to be back out there again. I'm a bit rusty and not as strong as I had been. It takes a few more stokes to get down the fairway, but I'll get back to where I was shooting eventually. 
Kelly and I are finally working on her master bedroom re-do (her birthday gift from March!). We painted the top of the wall Glidden "Navy blue" and wallpapered the lower 2/3's with beadboard wallpaper from Lowe's. It's been quite awhile since I've wallpapered, but it came out great! Today we cut the chair-rail trim for between the 2 sections. We still have to paint the wallpaper "trim white" and nail up the chair-rail and then we're ready to accessorize the room!
We started the Labor Day weekend out at the Lake house, but came back early on Sunday afternoon because the rains from Tropical storm Lee were on the way. We packed a lot into the short time we were there. We went out on the boat and Carter swam in the lake with us and even went tubing on our old Big Bertha with Kelly. We blew bubbles all weekend and just played and had fun. Auntie Alex held out giving Carter pretzels until he said her name, guess what? he did!
Tomorrow it's back to my daily schedule of going to treatment every afternoon. 12 down 19 more to go. I've felt a few side effects... I have a low grade nausea that comes and goes, and I've had to watch what I eat so I don't have to take too many Immodium. I really have to do better with that. I learned that pizza is a big NO, and salads are not good either, or any vegetables for that matter, while on radiation! Tomorrow I start my bland only diet! 
I feel like I still have a good amount of energy, but they keep telling me that will dwindle. I'm just trying to get as much done as I can before that hits me. 

So tomorrow... we work on the bedroom again! I can't wait to show you the finished room.


  1. What a dreamy time with your family! Can't wait to see the new room. Carter is a ray of sunshine and joy. Really hoping you continue to feel good :-). XOXO

  2. It was a great weekend! Can't wait to go back! And thank you for all your help in the re-do. It's really coming together :)

  3. Hope all is well today & wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the 'Versatile Blogger' award today! Love your blog.


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