Tuesday, October 4, 2011

got all the red out just in time for the holidays! How's that for timing?!

Sometimes projects get put on the "back burner". I know you all know what I mean! We finished renovating our kitchen last March, and in doing so changed the colors in the keeping room. My sofa went from red to green, the corner chair and ottoman went from red to blue. I've had fabric all this time to redo the chairs in the breakfast nook and my desk chair. So... six months or so later I finally got around to doing them! 
Here's the keeping room decked out for fall
I got to play with a gun for this project. 
An ordinary electric staple gun is no match for an air compressor!
Using it was just like on the DIY shows... all that power and simplicity!
I decided not to go with the Ralph Lauren floral fabric I had purchased for the dining chairs, but had enough Annie Selke in two different patterns to do 2 chairs in each. 
I'm really not a "floral" kind of gal.
Makes it more fun and modern don't you think?!
Here they are all together, with our Scrabble game on the table of course!
I did the desk chair in a blue and green bee pattern that ties in great with all the fabrics.

So, just in time for the winter holidays when we typically decorate in reds and greens, 
this part of my house is all blues and green. 
I'll just have to change my holiday decor up a bit too!


  1. I love the new color scheme - so fresh and pretty! I was going through your older posts too and getting up to speed on your situation. I admire your strength and courage - you are an inspiration to us all. Keep those spirits up and you're going to win, win, win!!!

  2. I love, love, love it all! You have such impeccable taste & I'm trying so hard to acquire that taste, LOL! I'm hoping osmosis will kick in at some point...

  3. LOVE the Annie Selke (sp?) fabric and the alternating chairs! So good looking! You better cover them up before C eats on one again, though. ;-)


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