Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a busy first two weeks in January

The day after Christmas, we all bundled up for a walk to the tennis courts to watch the guys play. There were 4 dogs on our walk, they enjoyed getting out of the house too!
Nathan was the only adventurous one to ride in the wagon. He seems to be a bit more of a "daredevil" than Carter, who refused to ride. Nathan likes to swing too as Carter does not!
The spectators

All of our company left the next day so Drew and I relaxed for the next few days 
until New Years Eve. In truth, we crashed after a very demanding Christmas holiday! 
We managed to get up some energy and had a night out on the town at the Club to ring in 2012!

Then it was on to Winter Park Florida with the entire family for Nathan's Christening. We were there from January 6 until the 9th with beautiful 70 degree plus weather!
Nathan also tuned 8 months old that weekend

Lunching out in Winter Park

The handmade Christening outfit I made for Nathan. It was white pique with button trim and buttons down the back and fit him perfectly!

Ready for Church!

"you want me to have water put on my head and parade around the church?!"
Nathan did wonderfully and was a little charmer.
God Bless you Nathan!
the blessed Morgan family
Kelly and Lincoln are Nathan's Godparents

the Hamilton, Morgan and Nathan families

the Hamiltons

our beautiful girls! We are so proud of all three of them!
and that's been our very busy first 2 weeks of January,
the next just as busy week to follow...


  1. It was a great first two weeks! Things are certainly never dull around here ;)

  2. We LOVED having all of you here! It's been a whirlwind but I am so thankful you could make the trip down and be with us. xoxo

  3. You have such a beautiful family. And having 3 daughters, added bonus! :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous family! You look fabulous!! XOXO {Preppy 101}


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