Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sarcoma status from February Dr. visits

Mid month it was time to be scanned to see if December's chest radiation had any effect. I met with my Radiologist to discuss the results on the Thursday after Monday's CT scan. He was pleased with his work and said it looked as though the 2 lymph nodes we had targeted showed signs of "necrosis". Friday I met with my Oncologist and he wasn't so sure the radiation had worked. He said our next step would be chemo, but not sure yet what drug. I then met with Dr. Force the following Friday to discuss what he could do for me. He didn't think the lymph nodes had been effected either and we still needed to deal with the 4 lung nodules. We reviewed the CT scan with him and he pointed out that the lymph nodes were inoperable and 2 of the lung nodules would be difficult to get and most likely not yield clean margins. He couldn't help me this time. This was quite a blow to me... he had always been my go-to guy, my surgery-savior, to rid my lungs of the metastases. That option was gone. I cried all day long.
To take charge of my options for chemo I decided to see a new Oncologist at Emory, Dr. Movva. She had been on staff for ~2 years and was their Sarcoma Oncologist-Guru. She presented me with a research paper, a study done at MD Anderson, of 15 patients with my exact Sarcoma, Hemangiopericytoma. The study was for 2 drugs, Temodar plus Avastin. We talked about my cancer and she was so educated and smart, and had reasons for what she wanted to do. She gave me hope, I signed her up as my new Onc! 
I started the Temodar on March 8th, I take 200mg per night for 7 days, then on the eighth day do a 2 hour infusion of Avastin. I'm on Ativan and Compazine as pre-meds for nausea. Except for the first night where I was sick for 3 hours, so far so good. We'll see what side effect if any the Avastin adds this week. 

I'm grateful for my new doctor. I'm grateful for medical research, although rare in the Sarcoma world, that there is some new drug protocol available to try. I'll do a 2 month cycle and re-scan. 
Praying for great results!!!


  1. Keeping you in my prayers.....

    Keep calm and carry on.

  2. We are all thankful for knowledgeable doctors who take charge and have a plan!! Praying, praying, praying it will be exactly what you need this time.

  3. There is nothing like hope and you should have plenty of it. Prayers and hugs coming your way.

  4. I've been so absent from blogging of late, but was totally thrilled to read this post. Hope springs eternal! You are always in my prayers & I have such a good feeling about this!

    I think changing doctors is a good thing...

  5. Hey Sandy - I've been the worst reader lately. But today I had you on my mind and thought I've got to check on her. What hope you now have. You have that fighting spirit and will kick this yet! I'll be checking on you, but feel free to email me anytime! Prayers coming your way. XOXO


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