Saturday, March 24, 2012

First days of Spring

The weather has been beautiful, except for the pollen being off the charts high in the 9,000's! It's a nice temperature to get out and walk or just play outside. We live on a lake with lots of wildlife and Carter likes to investigate. 
Every little boy needs a net to catch things.... fish, bugs, whatever! Carter and I scoped out the lake for fish but none were around at this moment. All the sunbathing turtles dove back into the water when they heard us come outside. So we looked for bugs. We saw some ducks but they're too smart to swim too close. Not a good catch that day, but we'll be back.
Relaxing, watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, after playin' outside. This is Carter's chair, and he'll let you know it! But he let me snuggle in, and the pups too.


  1. Adorable picture of the two (I mean 4) of you!

  2. Carter is adorable! He has grown so much. I can tell you are one happy Grandma!


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