Thursday, June 14, 2012

whitewashing brick

One of my spring projects at the Lake house was to whitewash the brick wall in the master bedroom. I had seen this done on another blog and loved the look. I thought it would update the room and it would look good especially since I was decorating with gray. The red and clay colored bricks changed to white and gray bricks. 
Here's the how to: I watered down a can of flat white interior paint + primer by Behr. I brushed it on and had a rag handy to catch the drips. This was quite a tedious job, to get the paint in all the nooks and crannies takes time. It took me 4 sittings b/c I didn't have the patience to do it all at once. Boy was I happy to be done!

Here's the wall with the new gray and white duvet:
And while I was at it, I updated the yellow paint and country quilts in the loft. I painted the walls a "hemp" brown and decorated with blue quilts with a bit of a nautical theme. 
The window frame became white and the shade brown, 
a reverse of what it used to be. 
We're getting new carpet in 2 weeks, and then I'm ready to relax for a bit 
and just enjoy the lake!

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