Thursday, September 27, 2012

do you know Lily and Laura?

Lily and Laura bracelets are handmade by women in Nepal. They are beautiful pieces of wearable art. They are a current obsession of mine. I feel good supporting this business, women helping women make a better life for themselves. This is from their website:

Namaste.  We are the producers of Lily and Laura Bracelets.  Our  handmade glass beaded bracelets roll on over any hand.  Laura and our  women artists in Nepal custom design these creations which are handcrafted in the Kathmandu Valley.  We use the finest glass beads in the world in our bracelets.  Our business focus is to pay more than fair trade wages to our artisans in Nepal thereby improving the quality of their lives while providing you with beautiful, top quality, handcrafted glass beaded bracelets.  All beading is done in the comfort of their homes or on rooftop decks during nice weather.  Our artists also have the freedom to work only when they are inspired.  Please visit our Facebook Page for the most current Lily and Laura Bracelet pictures, bracelets news, and to view our video of how the bracelets are crocheted.  Thank you.

I love designing combinations to wear out of all the different patterns and colors. I'm looking forward to their next shipment to add to my collection!


  1. I love my Lily and Laura bracelets! They go with everything.

  2. They are beautiful! My sister was in Nepal this Summer doing voluntary work - I have sent her a link to this blog post.


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