Monday, November 5, 2012

peek at a project... complete!

These are the makings of gift stockings for an Advent Calendar or the Twelve Days of Christmas that I am making. That will depend on if I make 12 or 24! I'll string them up together to hang in number order. I think I'll clothes-pin them to the string, that way the boys can take them down for their surprise!

I got the Idea from Garnet Hill, pictured here:
The one they sell is $78... I thought I could do better. I bought 2 yards of burlap, 2 yards of lining, 14 squares of felt and 2 spools of ribbon for $24. Mine is not as trimmed out, but I think it will end up just as cute! I'll update when I complete the project. 

Here  it is with "12 Days" of burlap and felt stockings, ready to hang and ready for 12 little treats!

one more to make!

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  1. And yours is home made so it's way more special!!


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