Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back on chemo

I had a CT scan last month in November, after being off chemo for 4 months, due to the Shingles. The scan was not good news. My four lung nodules have all grown, my prior radiated chest lymph node is showing activity again, and I have a new mass in my abdomen near my liver. That was the most shocking to me, a new mass. 
I met with Dr. Movva, my Emory Onc and she gave me the bad news. We talked about different chemo drugs and she thought Sutent would be a good one to start. By the time I had all the pre-tests to start the drug, I already had an appointment with my new oncologist, Dr. Gina D'Amato. (Dr. Movva has since moved on to Fox Chase in Philly). She spoke with Drew and I for ~ 1.5 hours going over all my history. We talked about the possible drugs to try also. Since I had previously been on Temodar + Avastin and it had showed shrinkage,  then stability, we decided to try that combo again. It was a matter of the known (side effects and results) and an unknown. I know I will try Sutent next, sooner than later if the Avastin/Temodar don't show strong results. 
So I'm back on the pills for a week, then the infusion on the 8th day, off a week, then back on. So far so good. I did get nauseous the first night on the meds despite all the anti nausea meds I also took. Oh well, just my body reacting I guess.
I've also been battling a cold/cough for ~ 2 weeks now. (Carter had croup and I couldn't avoid it) I think I'll be calling tomorrow for an antibiotic to get rid of this infection. 
The other strange health issue I've had is a systemic achy swollen joint, sore muscle pain. I went to an Internist to test for what it could be and my SED rate was 75, normal is 30. The tests came out inconclusive for anything specific, so she referred me to a Rheumatologist. I'll be seeing him late January, as that was the first available!
That's the health update for now! Back to Christmas prep and parties! xoxo


  1. Good Lord, I can't believe what you're going through, but if it works then I guess it's all good.

    Glad you're finally done w/ the shingles. When my son had them, it was awful & painful & I felt so helpless to ease his misery.

    Luckily, you have your wonderful & inspiring family to sustain you for the duration of this round of chemo. I'm adding you to our prayer list at church & in Bible Study again. I hope we can lend you some staying power.

  2. Oh, Sandy - I am sorry. I hope things get better very soon. Be thankful for Emory! What a great facility so close to home.

  3. Hopefully you will be nice and distracted with the holidays approaching and not in pain!! We love you mama. Such a fighter xoxoxox

  4. Sandy, just stopped by to see what you're up to crafting and saw this news. So sorry you got that surprise. I am thinking, praying, and rooting for you as you start this next chapter. xoxo

  5. You would never know all you are going through. You keep plugging right along and look great doing it. I'll definitely be praying for good results in the next few weeks.

  6. Hello. I have been following your blog for months, checking in to see how you're doing and what you are crafting. I know we don't know each other but I saw something on tv today and as I was checking my blog favorites I thought I would check in on you. I am so sorry to here about your battle with cancer. Cancer has affected many people in my family. ANYWAY, on tv today (the 700 Club) a man with cancer found out that if you stop eating carbohydrates and sugar it helps fighting cancer. Apparently cancer feeds on glucose. If you stop eating sugar, it has nothing to feed on and starves the cancer (so they said). It is called a ketogenic diet. If you go to and play today's episode it is the very first thing. He was given 3 months and has now been cancer free for a year. I don't know if this helps at all. It just really hit me hard and for some reason I felt like leaving you this message. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Merry Christmas.

  7. Sandy, I am shocked to hear all you have been going through. How can I have been so caught up in my little world to kiss this? I will keep you in my prayers...and your wonderful family. I hope the holidays are a special time for all of you. Between e events in Connecticut and hearing this, it makes me realize the focus really has to be on the people and not the events or silly little things:)
    God bless...


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