Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holidays 2012

We are blessed to have all our kids come visit for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have family traditions that the girls do not want to sway from and I'm grateful for that. 
Thanksgiving was a fun week with lots of cooking, baking and playing with the little boys. Nolan was just 12 days old on Thanksgiving day. My Mom was here for the week too! Cindy hosted the dinner but we all cooked for the big feast. Thank goodness for my girls Alex and Kristin, because I woke up that day with a bad flare up of my achy joint/muscle problem and was even feeling faint. I didn't even get out of bed until the afternoon. Alex and Kristin cooked all the vegetables and baked an apple pie. I rallied after a hot shower and some Alleve to mask the pain and we went over to my sister's ~ 3:00 for the afternoon. The meal was delicious and the company as always fun! 
I started into decorating for Christmas even before Thanksgiving by putting up the tree ahead of time. I wanted a new theme for my tree this year, a winter wonderland, and was anxious to see it all come together. It turned out beautifully with all white, silver and crystal ornaments to give it that frosty snowy look. (I really wanted a flocked tree, but got voted down on that!)
I decorated the rest of the house that weekend after everyone left and it looked so festive and ready to celebrate! Of course then the shopping began.... some online and some in the stores. We got Kelly and Lincoln an iron bed, Alex a red leather recliner, and Kristin a DY bracelet and Ryan a new Sport Jacket and accessories. The other big hit was a thing called a "fit bit" which tracks your exercise and consumption and sleeping habits. 
Christmas Eve and Christmas day were so much fun with the little boys to share it all with. It was a wonderful Christmas, the best yet!

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