Monday, January 19, 2009

I love the Lake!

Even in the winter cold, it's peaceful and beautiful out at the lake house. We had a 3 day weekend, and had not been out recently b/c of the holidays, Drew's travel schedule and the rainy weather, so... we decided to meet Alex out there and enjoy a quiet weekend. We all relaxed, ate yummy food (still low carb-ish) and played a ton of Mexican train (our new game obsession).
This will be our 10th year! An anniversary we've never spent in any house, so we decided we need to have an anniversary party to celebrate! We may have to make it a co-celebration with Alex's college graduation, to be sure all the family will be there. Just think of all the fun you've had at the lake house over the past ten years.... from deciding it was the one, to the very first dinner and the oven catching on fire and sleeping on cushions on the floor that night, to ripping out the kitchen and the flooring and rebuilding it all, painting all the trim work white (4 coats later), to all the high school and college friend sleepovers, swimming in the lake at night and shining the flashlight on all the bugs that were there with us, sunbathing on the dock, playing board games and imprinting the table with our Balderdash words, crashing the brand new wave runner, Dad, Alex and Kaitlin getting a ticket from the DNR, water skiing and tubing on big bertha (ouch), jumping off the "Big Rock" dare, Kristin living out there all by herself one summer while interning at Reynolds, growing a vegetable garden, going to Union Point to adopt Sharkey, the Thanksgiving visit we had our own version of arachnaphobia but with wasps, fires and s'mores in the chimenea, canoeing, visits from Zach and Hanna when they were little, having a house full of guests when the AC chose to break down, shaving your legs off the dock and giving the pups a bath, Easter at the little Methodist church, 4th of July fireworks and taking the boat around to Great Waters, celebrating Grammy's b'day Labor Day weekends, using the lake as a stop-off point to and from Kiawah, and more recently swamping the pontoon boat on the 4th, boating over to the Ritz for lunch, hanging out floating at the "little rock", walking the pups around the circle, boating over to the Harvey's for dinner and coming home in the dark...
... ten years of fun and memorable times! What's your favorite memory?


  1. I still laugh every time we mention the wave runner to Garrett and he clams up and gets all nervous. My favorite memories are definitely the ones from 4th of July- especially riding in the boat back to the house in the dark. Also the first time Linc came to the lake and got as burned as a lobster!!

  2. I think we still have that 10 year old bottle of aloe!


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