Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the long winter ahead

The weather this week is not cooperating for my sports schedule. The gals have all canceled out of golf for tomorrow. It will be a high of 46 degrees, but colder than that when we would've gone out at 11:00. Thursday, for tennis looks worse! We start at 9:15 for warm up. The temps will be hovering around 32 degrees, but the wind blowing at 20 mph is more my concern. I've asked to play ahead, tomorrow, if the other team agrees. We'll see if it works out. I'll let you know when and if my fingers thaw out and I can resume typing.
So with 2 more months of cold ahead, I've started an indoor exercise routine. I love FIT TV! You can exercise in the privacy of your own home, even in your pj's. Gilad is my fave for toning, but there's also Yoga, dance and step routines... mornings and evenings every day. Walking the neighborhood is an option too,
for those fair weather days.
Along with the activity, I'm watching what I eat, going for low calorie, low carb options. Not in an effort to lose weight, but to tone and get rid of the "muffins" as Alex has said. We'll all be in bathing suits before you know it!

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