Monday, May 3, 2010

the collection site...

... is always the dining room in my house. It's the landing/waiting area for "stuff" in-between trips to and from college, and now GradGirl moving out of the nest. We've shopped 'til we dropped since we got back from Savannah last Thursday. Friday we went to "The Queen of Hearts" a local flea market and place I love to shop and get ideas from other "salvage-rs". We landed this re-painted old teachers desk (I love it!) and the small chest above from there.
After that we shopped Home Goods for kitchen and bathroom essentials and decorative items.

We perused garage sales on Saturday morning and landed a Mac G-4 desktop computer for $400, a fab find for a Graphic Designer! And we found a farmhouse table that was handmade in NC and the perfect smaller size for the condo's breakfast area.

Sunday we watched hubby's tennis playoffs (they won, hooray!) in the morning and then headed to Garden Ridge where we found 2 area rugs, 3 other assorted small rugs and the perfect pillows for the living room.

We ended the day with a trip to TJX for a few small items on the list. Overall a great shopping haul of a weekend for sure!

After all that shopping, the Bub and his family joined us for pizza and a snuggle nap. A perfect way to end the busy weekend!


  1. What great finds! I love the colours you are going with! And the desk and dresser are swooners!

  2. Mother daughter shopping time - the best! You must be tired...

  3. Love your finds especially the guys at the end of your post. ;) xoxo

  4. My dining room ends up being the same kind of space, no matter how hard I try. It's my sewing room too.

    I SO need to go shopping with you. I think you are much better at it than I am.


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