Saturday, May 22, 2010

something we all have to do...

...clean our closets!

That's my chore for this weekend. I have so many clothes that I hang onto that I never wear. Having them in my limited space of a closet is making me disorganized and a bit crazy.

So get ready Consignment Store and Goodwill... donations are coming your way! It's another way of recycling stuff.
I watched a "clean your closet" video this morning, and the one thing that stuck with me was... get rid of your uncomfortable shoes. Smart right?! You know you have some, you never wear them, you just look at them because they're pretty, but then you remember they hurt your feet, so they never make it out of your closet. Well... today mine are getting out!
I'm ready, I have a plan... now... time to get started!

Sunday update:
Winter clothes have been relocated to the upstairs closet, and piles of clothes and shoes are ready to take to Goodwill in the morning. I feel liberated and ready to take on Summer!
ps... the reason I got to do this this weekend was because I was under the weather with a sore throat and now have a cold coming on.
Oh well, at least I made use of my time in between naps and cups of tea ;-)


  1. Ugh. It's something I need to do too but it will have to wait for a rainy weekend. Now that we finally have sunshine, I've got to get out & play golf.

    Happy cleaning out!

  2. Good plan!! And so true about the shoes! xoxo

  3. I'm done and ready for summer! It feels so good to be organized... ahhh!

  4. I'm not there yet, but I'm trying. I started pulling my winter clothes and putting them in totes for the summer, but there are still sitting in my closet.

    Hey, I'm trying!

  5. wow, what a difference! i can see the floor! ;-) sorry to hear you're not feeling well. rest up this week so we can play this weekend!! xoxo

  6. I started cleaning out my closet as well this weekend. I did not get nearly as much done as you did... but you have inspired me to keep at it! =)

  7. I just did this last week and it felt great. I like my closet now...but I think I could have done better. Now I'm taking a hard look at a few things I always seem to keep "just in case" that really need to go.
    Hope you're feeling better. I see you went golfing so that's a good sign:-)


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