Monday, May 24, 2010

a personal best twice in one week...

I'm driving longer, making it over the water, getting to the green in fewer shots, once in awhile chipping correctly (needs work), putting well (now that the greens are all grown in and recovered from aeration),
and scoring lower. Hooray!
We went out and played nine holes Wednesday and Thursday evenings after work, the weather was too gorgeous to pass up!
I shot a 48 on the front nine both days!
My goal is always to break 50, so hooray for me. Now... I want to break 100 when I play 18. Since the back nine is the tougher side, it's harder than it sounds. I did shoot a 104 last time I played 18... I'm getting so close!


  1. Good for you! I think we're both at the same point in our games but I can't seem to get the good weather! It has either been blowing 60 MPH or raining. Anyway, congratulations. It's much more fun when you can get over the water, isn't it?

    Next thing you know, you'll be trying to break 90!

  2. Congrats! What great news. It looks like this will be a good golf year for you!

    My goal is to break 100 too! Right now I am not playing much but my son is signed up for golf lessons this summer. So every Saturday I will be at the driving range and putting green practicing for 1.5 hours. That's bound to help my game, right? =)

  3. I remember my late husband talking to my son about how hard it is to break 100, then 90, then 80 is the real kicker! So enjoyed watching my son make those advancements in his golf. Nothing better than the golf world in my opinion. The best people, best atmosphere, best class of people for the most part {no thanks to Tiger}. Even great for a golf observer ;-) xoxo

  4. Whoo hoo! You can totally do it. Plus that 48 will become 46 (and lower) and then you can have a couple extra strokes on the back nine. I predict you break 100 before July.


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