Monday, July 26, 2010

chair rehab progress

Here's the chair frame from my last post, remember... the upholstery demolition?
Well... not too much progress this weekend as we played more than we worked. GradGirl was home for a visit with her new Pup Greyson. He's a MinPin-Chihuahua mix and only about 4.5 lbs at the moment.
I did start in on sanding the chair and giving it 2 coats of paint so far. I can see another 2 coats are needed! We also cut a piece of MDF for the seat base with our trusty jig saw. This is instead of the rope and springs.
And... I cut a piece of foam for the seat cushion, very tricky with a scissor since I don't have one of those old electric meat carving knives.Here's the color, Martha Stewart "persimmon red", with the fabric just to get the picture, because we all need our final inspiration to work on, right?!
Today I will continue, I hope to anyway. I love the fabric with the coral paint color, so fun! What do you think?


  1. The chair looks amazing! You did a great job. And good to hear you took time to play with grad girl and Greyson...a real cutie! It's always good to have a play date once in awhile:)

  2. Love the chair. Great job. Thanks for sharing

  3. Looks amazing! Great job

  4. It looks great! I LOVE that color - and that fabric - OH MY GOSH! It all goes together so well! You did a fantastic job!

  5. I love that chair and the color and the fabric. You used a jig saw? Very impressive & WAY above my skill set. Such a cute puppy too!

  6. Love your "balloon back" chair. I have a couple of those. The backs are easy to lean back on and crack. Great progress on it! :O)

  7. I'm always so impressed with your expertise! I've re-done many chair seats over the years & know how rewarding it can be.

    AND, I adore the little min-pin chihuahua. He's just as cute as can be...


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