Thursday, July 22, 2010

Have you ever opened Pandora's box?

I just did...
This chair is over 100 years old, a real antique! It was Great Grandma Edith's, and we actually have 2 of them. Grad Girl has the other one at her condo. It's in much better shape than this one, having been brought out of storage and recovered already years ago. The plan is to recover them both to match her new decor.

So dirty from being in the attic when they re-roofed the house 2 years ago.

It has such pretty carved detail doesn't it?!

So today I started the demolition...
who knew this chair had previously been recovered 3 times. I guess that's not bad for 100 years. Funny though, the upper fabric was dirty but not water stained like the bottom two fabrics.

The tacks were all rusty which had me thinking... hmm, when was my last tetanus shot?

That's just the beginning, but there were definitely enough rusty tacks for 3 layers of fabric.

Underneath the 3 layers was a layer of cotton batting , a layer of horse hair and a layer of rotted burlap that turned to dust when you touched it. Yuck! Oh, and of course the comfy springs tied with rotted rope.

I had gone this far so I figured I would just go all the way and strip it down completely to the wooden frame.

So... now I have a chair frame. I guess I'll have to build a seat before I can recover it, right?! Where's the Jig saw?

We plan to repaint the chairs a shade of coral, Martha Stewart's " Persimmon red", and then reupholster them in this fun fabric:

Then both chairs will match. Hopefully, as far as I can remember, Grad Girls chair is not in as bad of shape as this one and we can actually just paint it and recover it. I hope. Fingers crossed.

They should look great in her dining room and add an additional pop of color!

I'll be sure to post the "after" when we're done... which may not be as soon as I originally had planned!


  1. Those will be fabulous! Love the fabric. I think it's so chic to upholster antique/vintage furniture in the unexpected, fun fabrics!!

  2. I think they will be beautiful. I love the detail of the wood & also the fun fabric you selected....I am visiting you from Creative Girl, New Friend Fridays:-)
    I am new to blogging, how did you get her button on your site?
    Thanks for posting:-)

  3. Can't wait to see it all finished!
    Visiting from NFF!
    Im a new follower!

  4. That's so exciting!! Can't wait to see what she turns out lookin like! I'm stopping over from NFF. Great blog!

  5. So smart to remove the springs etc and replace with wood and foam. I know this will look just gorgeous when finished. I know what you mean about a project taking longer to finish thatn what you hope for...:O) I have plenty of stuff in the works.:)

  6. Stopping by from looks like it's going to be really pretty! I love your fabric choice!

  7. Can't wait to see how the chair turns out.

  8. I'm visiting from Finer Things Friday and just had to become your 100th Follower to be notified when it is time to see the After pictures! I so envy your talent to re-upholster and because you have such a beautiful heirloom to work with. How wonderful!

  9. 100 blog pal followers, hooray! I'm excited and honored!

  10. Stopping by to say hello from New Friend Friday. Great blog you have.

  11. This sounds like me, I love these projects. Thank you for your comments on the LBS feature they selected. I hope that you are able to heal as I know illness is no way to live but every moment of time bought is a blessing. I will update on my blog as many have asked me to and I'm following you as well.
    God Bless You
    My prayers are with you!


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