Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flea finds

I love to walk around and browse our local flea market, The Queen of Hearts, every now and then. You never know what you'll find at a Flea and there are so many interesting things to see.
So many of the vendors seem to over value their own junk "antiques", something has to be the right price for me to buy. Walking down the aisles I came upon this:
rusty and iron and right up my alleyWe never seem to light our fireplace anymore. Once they deregulated gas in Georgia the price went sky high and when we'd burn the gas logs I'd just see $$$'s going up the flue. One season, I even had my husband take the gas logs out and we burned real wood. It had to be the perfect weather though, or we'd smell the wood burning throughout the house. We set off the smoke alarm one too many times, so... we put the gas logs back in.
I saw this as an alternative. A fireside glow for the cost of a few candles. Candles that are half off at Hobby Lobby this week.
I like it, it's a bit different from the others I've seen. Can't wait to light it!
But maybe I'll wait until it drops below 90 degrees. ;-)


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  7. Very nice!! Great idea. I so want a fireplace. Definately not practical here :(

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  9. Love your flea market finds! I have to go to cities at least 250 miles away to do any hunting.


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