Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sew busy

This heatwave has me held up inside in the AC, ugh... the hottest summer I can remember! When is Fall coming? The kids are back in school, shouldn't it be getting cooler?!
whine, whine, whine

So... I've been inside sewing. My next big project is making curtains for my daughter's condo, but in the meantime I'm having fun learning the in's and out's of machine embroidery. My new Brother and I are still getting acquainted. I ordered the PED-Basic for my machine to be able to download designs from embroidery websites. I've downloaded a few new fonts and designs. The fabrics I embellished the burp cloths with inspired a few downloads...

Besides the "Dalmatian" idea, ( I know it's not a Dalmatian, just a dog, but I hadn't bought the PED-Basic yet) this fabric was also saying "moo" to me. As far as cows go, this one is very detailed, 5 thread changes. My machine and I did this all by our little selves! Doesn't it make you want some milk and cookies?

Okay, back to the drawing board... what else can I come up with? I'm thinking "choo choo"....


  1. Everytime I see one of your adorable sewing projects I think that I need to order a new sewing machine. The fact that I can barely sew with the machine I have might be an issue for the Hubster.

  2. wow, very cool! ok, ok, i need to break mine out of the package and start experimenting. i'm thinking maybe guest bath and kitchen towels since i have no use for burp cloths? i might be calling for tips...

  3. Too cute!

    (sigh) I wished I knew how to sew.


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