Monday, August 16, 2010

a Monday sewing lesson

Kelly and Carter came over with their friends Shari and Spencer yesterday for a sewing lesson. The girls wanted to learn how to make their own baby burp cloths for these adorable bubs!
Here they are being adorable:
I gave them a quick lesson and we all dove into the project.
The bubs had a great time rolling around on the rug playing while we were busy cutting and sewing.
They even got in a little nap, and came back refreshed and ready to play some more!
I'm awake!
want to play?
With all this cuteness to look at, I forgot to take a photo of our finished products. The girls did a great job and they each went home with a new fabric trimmed and embroidery decorated cloth.

A fun day for me to be around these adorable smilin' bubs!

Come back to play anytime!


  1. Thanks for letting us stay the day!! So much fun =)

  2. I absolutely adore Carter! What a happy bub he is!

  3. I don't think they could be any cuter - and what a fun playdate for everyone!

  4. Thanks so much for my first sewing lesson! So much fun and we love our new burp cloth!


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