Thursday, September 9, 2010

fall is my favorite time of year

The gorgeous weather this past weekend gave us a taste of what's soon to come... cooler temperatures, dryer air and the beauty of the landscape as it changes to fall.
last autumn at the lake

Since it's still getting up into the 90's around here... I can't really decorate for fall yet. So I've done just a slight transition...

adding my white pumpkins and a few colorful berries...

and some twig pumpkins and pumpkin vine garland I found at HGs.

Until later in the season when I'll put out all the fall foliage...

like last year.

My new candle holder replaced the vine basket. It will give me the soft warm glow of a fire when the weather turns colder. And the best part, without turning on the gas logs and burning all those therms!


  1. Hi There, New Friend from New Friend Fridays at The Girl Creative/The Trendy Treehouse! I love your mantle and cannot wait to check out the rest of your blog. Hugs from Texas!

  2. Love your fall pic at the water's edge!

    Good to see you on New Friend Friday! My Facebook fan page, “Inspire!” has quotes, poems and stories to inspire you. I’d like to invite you to stop by!

  3. I like how you put some decorations on the fireplace grate cover. I will have to try that!

  4. Hi there, we are your newest followers! We hope you will come visit us at, Have a great day =)

  5. What a great lake picture! I live in Nor Cal and we do not get those beautiful colors.

    Love your decorations. Walking my son to school and seeing the few leaves on the ground is starting to get me excited about fall. =)

  6. I always love seeing how you decorate. You are so talented at it. Mantels are challenging to me so I am grabbing your ideas. ;) I wish I had a couple white pumpkins like yours. They are perfect without doing the obvious orange orbs that would match nothing in my house. Make sure you share when you bloom fully into fall. :) xoxo

  7. I love fall, but it's always bitter sweet for me. I know winter is around the corner and my golf game must hibernate. :o(

  8. I love your white pumpkins. They're gorgeous! The garland on the fireplace grate is a great idea. I've never thought of that.

  9. I love your white pumpkins and the candles in front of the fireplace are lovely! I think you did a good job. :) Visiting from The Nester's party. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  10. I really like the berry sprigs and the pumpkin vine...very pretty!

  11. Hi there,
    I hope you are having a good day today! My name is Elizabeth Jensen and I am the assistant Holidays Web editor at Better Homes and Gardens. I am contacting you because I was looking through The Nester’s Mantel Linky Party ( and came across the pictures you posted of your beautiful mantel. I am currently working on creating a fresh slideshow on fall mantels to feature on during the 2011 season and would love to include yours. We would include an image of your mantel, a description and tips on how our readers can replicate it, and of course, give designer credit to you.

    If this is something you are interested in I just need you to send me a hi-res version of the last image in your post (300 dpi or better), your phone number, primary email address and mailing address. Then, our editorial assistant will follow-up with a form for you to sign so that we can share your image.

    A few tips I’d like to include with your mantel:
    • What kind of foliage did you use?
    • Is there anything else/other mantel tips you’d like to share with our readers?

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! I look forward to hearing from you.

    Elizabeth Jensen

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