Monday, September 6, 2010

sublte changes with paint

After 10 years of a warm yellow, a Duron shade I've forgotten the name of, we decided to paint the great room at the Lakehouse. I thought about a dark blue, to accent the white beaded board below, but that was nixed because it would make the room too dark. So I kept looking... I narrowed it down to 2 colors... "Banana cream" a pale creamier yellow than the current color, and "Dried palm" a yellowish green, both by Behr.
And the winner:

We decided we wanted a change from the yellow tones.
It's a subtle change but will freshen up the room and look crisp against the white beaded board. I'll also change out that green lampshade, and recover the yellow pillows on our denim sofa to a new fabric...
We finished the first coat in the entire room today. Left the room a mess for next weekend, when we'll be back to finish painting the second coat, clean up and then... enjoy our new room!

funny... I've been singing "put the lime in the coconut..." all day


  1. I see you have been busy painting also! Your new color looks very crisp against the white bead board - great choice.

  2. Very nice color choice! I've been looking for a nice green to re-do my bathroom. This may work!

    I'm having a Scentsy giveaway on my blog right now--I'd love it if you could join! Have a wonderful night.


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