Sunday, September 12, 2010

when you choose the wrong paint color...

STOP! and go get it remixed or start over with a new color. It doesn't happen to me often, since I buy the samples and try several colors, but when I arrived back at the Lake house this weekend the "Dried palm" had dried sooo bright that I just It had too much yellow making it almost "neon". I didn't see this on the sample, maybe because it was on top of yellow? Anyway... back to Home Depot with the 2nd gallon. They couldn't add any other tints to change the yellow factor, since it was so high. So they actually took the gallon back and let me choose another color. Thanks HD for great customer service! I chose Martha Stewart's "Calabash" since I had the swatch at home and thought it would be the green I desired.
Here's the Calabash trimmed out on top of the Dried palm:
We painted the 2nd coat yesterday and it turned out a nice spring green... crisp like a granny smith apple. It looks good with the white beaded board. I like it, I don't love it. But I think once I tie in more fabrics with the same green I could love it.After we finished painting I cleaned from top to bottom... dusted, vacuumed, mopped the floors. The new green paint makes it feel crisp and knowing it's clean makes it feel good!


  1. That's an awesome green....makes me feel happy just lookin' at it :) Such a pretty room!

  2. Love the green now... thanks for some great tips on what to do when our paint color is wrong! I'm putting you in the PoPP Spotlight tomorrow.

  3. Love it! Took me 2 attempts to get our family room the right green. It was worth it. I hated the first color in the sun. Lighting can make such a huge difference.

  4. Your post is still blessing readers. Just got done first-coating my guest room in a very bright, "apple" green. Looks yellow. And way too bright.

    Your post made me decide to go buy another gallon - of Calabash this time - and start over. :-)


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