Monday, June 20, 2011

from up to down in this crazy ride we call life

I'm laying here in the hospital, waiting to go in for surgery this morning. It all started when I had symptoms that I thought were constipation turned blockage and was told to get to the emergency room. They ordered a CT scan. That was the big reveal.... no blockage, but a "mass", similar in size to my original sarcoma 4 years ago.  Where did that come from??? In April I was clean , so in less than 2 months I grew a 10 cm x 6 cm tumor that's invading my pelvic space...  It's coming out today.... I'll  keep you posted


  1. Waiting to hear from you. Prayers going up . . . and lots of hugs. XOXO

  2. You dear, precious lady. I'm so sorry to hear of this amidst all the joys in your life. You just keep up the good fight and we'll send as many prayers out as possible. More, even. God speed!


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