Sunday, July 24, 2011

how to host a wine tasting

Have everyone bring a bottle from their home state. Wrap the bottles in brown paper bags and number them to remain secret. We had 14 different wines from... New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Cape Cod Ma., Rhode Island, South Carolina and Georgia. 
It was a family reunion "hoedown wine tasting throw-down" to find the home state winner.
We rated the wines on color, aroma, taste and finish.
It was serious business as you can see!
Some aromas were better than others!
We tasted and tallied until we came up with the winners...
Pennsylvania came in first, New Jersey came in second, and New York came in third. 
(if I'm remembering correctly?!)
Looks like the north beat the south once again! 
My wine from Georgia came in 6th out of 14, not too bad for never having tasted it before!
We had a great time and we're so glad we could make the trip. 
I got to see cousins I haven't seen in years. Thanks to my brother and sil for hosting us all!
Family fun is the best fun of all!


  1. I'm so sad we couldn't go. Next year we're going to throw down at the hoe down ;)

  2. Well, this is what I have to say about the North beating the South again - only in the wine cause I know you and your Mr. were the CUTEST couple there!! The South wins in the stuff that really counts ;-). hehe XOXO

  3. I ADORE the picture of you & your hubby! I haven't been to a wine tasting in years but yours looks like a blast!!


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