Sunday, July 31, 2011

should children be guests at a wedding?

When they are this cute and well behaved... I say Yes! We went to a family friend's wedding this past weekend and there must have been 7 children under the age of 7 in attendance. I never heard one peep out of any of them during the ceremony. And then at the reception, they made it all that much more fun! 
 Here is my grandson Carter and I walking over to the gift table. Doesn't he look dapper in his seersucker suit?!

  new best buds 

 the little flower girl was too shy to perform her duties so C thought he'd give it a go

Makes you wonder what's in that cup...

my three beautiful girls and handsome Carter

my married daughters and their families

all the gals and little Nathan. He was so good he slept almost the entire time

posing with Hattie and Poppy

giving my little man a squish!

It was such a great weekend with all my kids and grandbabies together! We had so much fun hanging out all weekend and then also at the wedding itself. All the children at the wedding were so well behaved and fun to be with... and cute to boot! I was saying good bye to one little girl who was 3 and a half, and she asked me for a hug... what's more precious and heartwarming that that?! 


  1. Carter is precious!! He looks sooooo much like your husband!! Great photos of your beautiful family!! XOXO

  2. Carter looks adorable! I'm so glad he's such a good boy. I think children definitely belong at weddings. It's the Circle of Life, right?

    Seeing you next to your girls, I see how much they look like you, and yet look like your hubby too. Beautiful pictures my dear!

  3. I say "whatever the bride wants!" We personally didn't want kids at our wedding (and that didn't stop some people), but we have taken Nora to weddings where she has been invited. Totally up to the bride! Can't believe how big Carter is getting too.

  4. Your family is stunning! Thank you for visiting my blog and writing such thoughtful comments. How did you find me and how has sarcoma touched your life (per the graphic in your sidebar)? Can I borrow it??


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