Friday, July 1, 2011

designing my outdoor room

We have a patio out the back door... it's an okay space, a decent size with a good view...
but it could be so much more. 

I've always wanted the coziness of an "outdoor room". 
Hangin' out recovering all week has left me with lots of time to browse the blog world and shop online. I've recently been inspired by Centsational Girl's Patio Cabana post
For our space, we are thinking to add a pergola type roof or maybe even a completely covered roof over the patio. Even though we currently have an awning, I really want to install a fan or two for comfort, so a more sturdy roof is in order. The pergola we can do ourselves, the roof would be a hire out project and cost more, so I'm leaning DIY.
This is the inspiration piece to start my outdoor room design, an environmentally friendly rug to anchor my space. It's made out of recycled plastic bottles... what could stand up to the elements more than that?!
 I've already got cushions for the chairs and the chaise that will coordinate with this rug. I ordered it today from So now while I wait for it to arrive... the first chore is to clean the slate patio and seal it. 


  1. Your space is so beautiful! Cannot wait to see the final results. xoxo

  2. Love that rug. Can't wait to see it all put together. What a nice patio. Hope you are feeling better and happy 4th.


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