Tuesday, April 3, 2012

five years of living with cancer

Five years ago today, I was in surgery for what was supposed to be a benign fibroid and a routine TAH. That "fibroid" turned out to be a rare cancer, a sarcoma, Hemangiopericytoma. We really didn't get the definitive diagnosis until 2 weeks later, when the word came from Dr. Sharon Weiss  of Emory, that is was indeed a Sarcoma. That's when the roller coaster ride of fighting cancer started for me...

Through the past five years I've had:
20+ CT scans of the abdomen, chest and pelvis
40+ barium shakes and 20+ contrast IV's
2 PET scans
countless blood draws and needle sticks
2 abdominal surgeries
2 VATS surgeries
1 hospitalization for an intestinal blockage
3 trips to Dana Farber in Boston for 2nd opinions on treatment
30 radiation treatments to the abdomen/pelvis
20 radiation treatments to the chest
2 different chemo protocols
nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, and the aches and pains of healing,
numerous tears spilled along the way from anxiety, confusion, and fear.

but... in the past five years I've also had the unrelenting support of family and friends
lifting me up in prayer, sending cards, letters, flowers, delivering meals...
In that time I've had the joy of a wedding for my oldest daughter, and the life-changing joy of two babies being born into the family, our grandsons. 
Life is a challenge, life is good, life is full of joy making the hard times worth the fight. 
I'm happy to be celebrating 5 years today!


  1. Cried when I read it on FB, cried when I read it on here. Love you mama. xoxooxxo

  2. Momma- you are absolutely the strongest person I know. You have handled the past five years with such courage and grace. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for your strength and positive attitude. You are so loved!!

  3. You are one strong lady that I truly admire. You're always in my thoughts but especially my prayers. I'm praying that this is the year you kick cancer's a$$. But, you are blessed with an incredible family to get you through it. Hugs & prayers to you!

  4. You are amazing! I love your great positive attitude and it shows how important it is in winning your fight! You are a tough cookie, and you are so right...family makes the fight so worth it. Courage, grace, spirit...you have it all. God bless.

  5. SJN, that is an awesome milestone! The 5-year mark: What a magical number! CONGRATS. I hope you do something wonderful for yourself in celebration of you!

  6. Your girls said it best, and their loving grace is your living legacy. Keep fighting, my friend. Keep fighting.


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