Sunday, April 22, 2012

my outdoor room with a view

I LovE outdoor spaces and have always wanted a covered porch. Our roof line doesn't lend to adding on a real roof for that, so we decided on an adjustable pergola. It's solar powered and with the push of the remote, it opens and closes rain tight. 
The guys finished it after the rains on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I got to work on leveling the once shrub and pinestraw area up against the house. I put down landscaping cloth and covered it in bluestone. 15 bags of 40 lb rock carried one bag at a time from the front yard to the back. I say I earned my workout that day! 
We're on a little lake so the view is quite pretty.
 The rugs I had from last year, and the patio dining set is ~20 years old. It's cast aluminium and will last foreva'! I just updated it with some new PB striped cushions. 
 The all-weather wicker is new from Sears. It's sooo comfy to sit and relax on.
 I continued the PB stripe on the sofa with a throw pillow and also added a coral pillow that they have this season. The colors are perfect with the orangey-red covers.
The lanterns were a find from Home Goods, can't beat their prices!
All ready for entertaining.... planning my first garden party, who wants to come?


  1. LOVE THIS! Beautiful job. You've got me wanting to go shopping! Question: Do you roll up the rugs when it rains or can they withstand water?

  2. the rugs are made from recycled soda bottle material, so they can get wet! Cool huh?!

  3. what a lovely space! looks perfect to sit back and sip an Arnold Palmer - or perhaps a Dirty-Arnie! xoxo

  4. Way cool! Where did you buy the rugs?

  5. So nautical! I love the rug! Is that a coral pillow? pretty!

  6. I love this!! Gorgeous! xoxo

  7. This is just lovely and what a pleasnat view you have too. I like the color combination you picked out. Was the Sears furniture very expensive? I'm always on the lookout for a good deal on patio furniture.

    Robin Flies South

  8. What a gorgeous outdoor space! Love the color combination - so classic.


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