Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cracking the code

I've gone back to school, to learn a new language, it's called HTML. Very foreign and different from anything else I currently know. When I took computer classes in college, ahm, many years ago, the computer was as big as a room, and you loaded these punched out long index cards into it. I passed but I wasn't very good at it. I was a biology major with an art minor. The art classes helped me pull my science class grades up and improved my cum. It's that right brain-left brain thing or vice-versa. Now, fast forward 30 years, Computers are a lot smaller and I've found a new creative outlet! The possibilities with this vast blog world have spurred me on to want to learn. I find I'm not content with the 5 choices that Blogger gives us for fonts. Or... I'll see someone's fantastic blog layout and think "how did they do that? I want to do it too!" So, I'm teaching myself. All you have to do is Google "how to change your font..." and pick from the many tutorials that come up. Many thanks to all you geeks out there that are willing to share your knowledge with us mere mortals. Some work, some don't. Sometimes I'll change the code and nothing will happen, so I'll change it back. I always save my template first! But... when it does work I feel so accomplished! Like I've learned a new language.

Parlez-vous HTML? J'apprends!

my grateful thanks to:

my daughter Alex for showing me how to use Paint.net

Reit Wrecks at 3 Column Blogger

Annie at Blog U

Becky and Ashley at The Cutest Blog on the Block


  1. I am impressed. When we have dinner in Atlanta you can give me a crash course ;-)

  2. You are a smart gal. Have a great day!

  3. Awe! That is great. Does this mean we can ask you techie questions!??? Hehe. I sure don't speak HTML! Xoxo-BLC

  4. I speak very little HTML, but enough to get by on. I guess I'll just have to come to you for help when I need it, lol.


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