Tuesday, June 30, 2009

flying back to the nest

The "empty nest" at our house won't be so empty anymore!
In ~2 weeks, our youngest daughter, our College Grad hooray will be coming home. After perusing the job market and available possibilities, she has landed an internship at a Graphic Design firm. It's close to home, a great commute for Atlanta only ~15minutes and the best part she will be learning her field in a small business environment.
It's like free grad school!

Of course... this will mean a reason to redecorate! We'll turn her blue and white toile room into a "sky" or "seafoam" and "sand" oasis... a bit more adult and PBish. I still love the toile and will be sad to see it go, but it's time for a change.

Here are a few ideas I found from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. RH has a great sale going on right now! Yeah, great fashion for less $, I love a good buy!

Anyone have any other tips on where we can look for bedding?
I love the seaside cottage look!


  1. Don't buy her sheets from PB. They're like itchy sandpaper. I got ours from the Company Store and they are much softer!

  2. I like my PB organic sheets, despit Kel's advice not to register for them. I also love, love, love the Haven sheets from Hotel Collection at Macy's. They are so soft, and organic! (They have awesome towels from that collection, too.)

  3. I have had really great luck with the Hillcrest brand at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. They come in super cute designs and are affordable AND high quality!

  4. No particular brands to recommend, just thread count, in which I'm sure you already are well-versed! BUT, from a former recent-college-grad-who-returned-to-the-nest (almost 20 years ago,of course), just wanted to say: Treasure this time. I remember it as a sweet combo of enjoying the comfort of home while figuring out that new adult-child interaction with my folks. At the time, I couldn't wait until I'd saved up enough for that first & last month's rent on a place of my own. Once I had it though, whenever I went back to Mom&Dad's to do my laundry, I spent the night, staying up late folding clothes & chatting with my Mom, saying I didn't feel like making the drive home. It was only 3 miles away. ;-)

  5. I just commented at your friends' blog...thanks for helping me connect with another survivor. Redecorating sounds like fun.

  6. I've actually had great success with buying linens and comforters and duvets through Overstock (dot) com. Top brands & high quality for very low prices. They offer every thread count known to man.

    Have fun with the redecorating & having your daughter home for a while. Lucky you!

  7. I love dusty blue for a bedroom. How nice to have her back home again. :)


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