Wednesday, June 3, 2009

fashion news!

I'm so excited! Heather at RWG just interviewed John Daly, and the big fashion news for all you Golf Gals out there is... recently sponsoring JD, will soon be debuting a ladies line!
I can't wait to see it!
Look at these fabulous fashions for men...
"disco ball" pants and sports jacket
hey together it's a suit!

Okay... a bit loud, not for every golf guy out there.

But how about this... a little more tame,
grips to match your pants!

I want pink and black argyle grips to match my head covers, I hope they plan on making those!

a winning team of Loudmouth golfers!
Gals, we would look so much better than these guys in our matching skorts!

check 'em out!

And while you're there get your golfing dad a fun Father's Day gift from Loudmouth Golf!

Guys... the Gal Pals are waiting for our fun, outrageous new line of ladies golf fashion!

Keep us posted for the release!


  1. Love Loud Mouth!! Cute Golf Grips! Love it!

  2. While I don't know any men as manly as Mr. Daly (who have the cajones to wear loud patterns) I anxiously await the ladies line. Is he a hoot or what?

  3. I got you a Lilly golf glove today at the sale. Email me and I'll mail to you later on this week. I just had to! My gift to you!

  4. This looks like something Ian Poulter will be wearing very soon!


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