Thursday, November 12, 2009

my emotions are on a roller coaster

I have no hormones... so it's not that.
One moment I'm up and positive and normal... the next I'm on the brink of sadness and tears.

It's the evil C, damn it. It makes everything up in the air. No planning, just yet, because you don't know what you'll be doing next month. Getting ready for Christmas, planning a baby shower...
or recuperating from surgery.
So it's day by day, and I want to make the most of each day.
Now I know where the "livestrong" slogan came from... with cancer you must be strong and live your life... no sadness, just strength and hope.
And I do have strength and hope... so I'll be okay. Just a low point on the roller coaster... but it goes back up again, right?!


  1. Lifting you up. Love you, Mrs. N!

  2. You have so much going for you and you will lift up again. We all hit the peaks and valleys along the way. Don't be too hard on yourself and just let them happen, let it out and you'll be able to pick up back up again. As you said you are strong!! I know you have loving support at home and we are here to support you too. Don't forget you can lean on us too! :) xoxo

  3. You have every right to feel this way. Just remember you have a wonderful support system - especially us! I am so glad to see you vent a bit here! Hugs to you. xoxox

  4. It sounds like you have great friends. What a blessing!

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. It is so frustrating (and scary) to see so many friends go through something similar.

    Love those friends and let them help you. They certainly love you!

  5. I clicked over from Kelly's blog. Your daughter loves you!

    And I am saying a prayer for you. And wishing you more strength and hope.

  6. oh, mama, i love you so much! you WILL get through this - you are strong and amazingly tough. we're all here for you and i can't wait to give you a great, big hug in only 10 days! hang in there. xoxo

  7. Wishing you tons of good luck in kicking cancer's butt! You'll be in my thoughts.

  8. It's Saturday. How are you doing? :)

  9. Thinking of you and wishing you strength. That rollercoaster will be back up high before you know it:)

  10. It always goes back up, my friend. And if it goes flying down another hill, reach out and grab one of our hands and we'll scream our hearts out right along with you! Keep LIVingSTRONG, sweetie.


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