Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a sad story and a reminder

I was cleaning up my blog page and scrolled down to a "button" I have on the right hand side:
I hadn't checked on Noah in awhile and wanted to see how he is doing. If you don't know his story, here it is for you to read:
Noah's Road
My heart aches for this family. Such an impatient, unthinking act by their caregiver with such permanent consequences.
Caring for a baby is a huge responsibility. They are totally dependent on you.
I've had a baby with colic, our first baby. They cry and you can't do anything to comfort them... you hold them and walk them and put them back to bed still crying and you feel a bit helpless. But they will be fine, the pain will pass and they will grow out of it.

Never shake a baby

This post linked from Noah's Road offers suggestions to parents about a crying baby:

Praying for Noah

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