Sunday, November 22, 2009

redecorating... done!

The blue, a color I loved, is from when the room was my daughter's bedroom. Now the room is my husband's office and I felt it needed a facelift to make it his.
We decided on "New Chestnut" by Behr.
Done painting with the furniture back in place...
and pictures all hung over our new "Lubi bed" from CB2so there it is, my husband's new office!
With an extra place for guests to sleep over, just in case everyone decides to come all at once.


  1. . . . the golf clubs make it perfect ;-) Lovely. xoxo

  2. The chestnut is a yummy, rich color! I'll bet your hubby loves it, huh? Mine would be on Cloud Nine.

    By the way girl, you are totally wearing me out with all of your work! You are a powerhouse of energy!

  3. I almost didn't even recognize it! The room looks great! Can't wait to see it in person =)

  4. What a perfect color for your office! It looks great! And I love how it makes the white trim and molding pop! Great job! : )


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