Wednesday, December 9, 2009

crafting time!

I've accomplished quite a bit while recuperating at home these past 9 days. It's amazing how much you can do sitting up in bed! First, I addressed and wrote out all my Christmas cards. I've also addressed all the shower invitations for grandbaby's shower in January. I've done a bit of online shopping, for Christmas and the shower. And I've crafted... hand sewing the appliques to go on my daughter's tree skirt, with the help of Grad Girl. My other daughter Kristin also helped by using her fabulous new embroidery machine to embroider their name. A group project in the end! I actually made the tree skirt last year but never had the time to decorate it ( a procrastinator project perhaps?!).
I can't show you the finished product, that's a surprise for Kelly! But here's a sneak peek...

Yes, they're just pinned on for now. I'm going to blanket stitch around all the figures, hopefully tomorrow?! I'll post again when it's all done and ready for Kelly to put under her tree.

She's gonna love it!


  1. Lovely gifts!! Hope you are doing great!! xoxo

  2. OH!!! I can't wait to see it!!! That looks amazing so far momma, you guys did an awesome job and it was definitely worth the wait. THANK YOU!!!


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